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Work, Kim K.

I was at the gym a little earlier today, getting my sweat on, when a woman thanked me for inviting her to a Facebook group I have called Let's Talk! Movies. We were initially speaking about film and acting, which is something I adore.

However, the conversation soon turned to celebrity gossip, to which I don't really subscribe. She was curious about my thoughts concerning the latest Kardashian publicity stunt. I honestly didn't know what she was talking about - apparently, I live under a rock. Kim apparently said something about women needing to work. As it turns out, I had seen something in passing about that - and am a modernized human, after all.

The woman's point was that Kim has no right to say that because she's never really worked for her fame/notoriety/money. This, I have to agree with because, as even celebrity-gossip-averse-people like me know, Kim became famous because of a sex video.

However, after Kardashian's private business was aired, she then rode that wave (pun intended) to create a reality television franchise and various beauty brands for women to emulate the "Kardashian Beauty Standard." This does take work. It's not the kind of struggle that the Average Jane knows, but it still takes work to maintain a brand - and to build it, for that matter.

I think she truly believes that she is one of the hardest-working people - and that people don't want to work. What she perhaps doesn't understand is that people aren't tired of working; they're tired of sacrificing their lives to work for people who are profiting off of them and then not being properly compensated. Her reality check will hopefully be arriving soon in that regard.

While I don't align with what Kim is putting out into the world, I can't say that she hasn't worked. I will say that she hasn't struggled in the same way as most of us; she wouldn't know what to do with herself if she 'downsized' from her mansion into a one-bedroom apartment. She doesn't know the struggle of only being able to afford ramen noodles for dinner.

But do I think that she should voice her opinion? I honestly think any human should be allowed to say whatever they want - while also being aware that there are repercussions, especially for those in the spotlight of a cancel-culture.

I'm thinking that she's trying to gather exposure - whether it is good or bad - to remain relevant. Even non-fans like me are writing about this silliness and that shows you either the weight of her pull in the industry or her desperation. If you don't agree with her, the worst outcome for a celebrity icon like Kim Kardashian would be to be forgotten, to stop being talked about. And that's what I am going to do now.

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