• Brandi Price

To be or not to be

Just because you have a DSLR does not mean you are a DP. Just because you can decorate your house does not mean you are a set designer. Just because you can speak does not mean you are an actor. Just because you are literate does not mean you are a writer.

But do it anyway. Practice. Make movies. Write poetry. Do. The. Work.

I get so frustrated with people who want others to do everything for them. I fumble my way, through trial and error, so often I can’t count. I watch videos, read articles and correct mistakes the hard way - only to find simple shortcuts later - but I don’t give up. I keep creating and failing - and I know I will never stop. In each failure, there is an opportunity for growth and I want to become better at my craft. I want to be able to offer others teachable moments so they can fail and then repeat the process. I love what I do, as frustrating as it is at times. I’m not afraid of the work. I‘m not afraid of failing. I’m not afraid.

While I was writing that last sentence, my phone autocorrected “I’m not afraid” to I’m not a fraud - and it stuck a chord within me. I’ve often been afraid people would think that of me, but as I saw it there written, I realized I am not. I may not be as proficient as I want, but I have worked and studied and labored for years. I am not a fraud. And neither are you.

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