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Updated: Mar 12

This industry can be a perpetual knockout, if you let it. It's been diligently pounding my face against the pavement for over a decade...but it's made me resilient. Bruised and scarred, sure...but I am still here. I want to share these struggles with you because I want to rise above them - and I want to help you move beyond them faster than I have.

Last Thursday, I had an audition. It went super well. In fact, they clapped for me when it was done. But you know what? I didn't book it. And that is okay for me...now. Before, I would anguish over what I could've done to make them hire me or why, in the end, it wasn't enough. Now, I realize I could have done nothing more than I did. I came in, prepared and confident. I was enough - and so are you in your efforts. In those moments, even when we fail, we're enough. Because we showed up and at least learned something from the experience. Perhaps they will hire a male, someone older, younger, blonde or redhead - and although those descriptors may belong to someone else, our turn is coming. There is room for everyone to have success. To celebrate their win is to celebrate their struggle and, in turn, our own journey. To celebrate them is to celebrate the continuation of art and the artistic medium.

Sending you all love and encouragement from afar - and celebrating your journey.

I don't know about you, but sometimes I STRUGGLE with trying to find the motivation to do the things that need to be done for success. It's that easy distraction, that extra piece of pie, that problem that is out of my control...but this year, I have found that I am taking firmer control myself. It's been a beast, to be honest, to break those bad habits...but I want more in this life and I can't expect things to change if I don't vary my approach. To do that, I have tried to establish a firm infrastructure to ensure that I have an external accountability as well. And a plan. And specific goals. Specificity is key for me. That's been my main lack - not being specific enough with my goals. Not speaking them aloud. Not celebrating the small successes. Those are the things that I've been doing this year.

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