• Brandi Price

Finding the Bliss in the Edit

Sooo...I've been editing my short film, Guilty. I actually kinda like the process, BUT it is time-consuming and arduous to be certain. Also, I'm still learning loads of things, so YouTube and I have become best mates. "How to" for the win! Honestly, I'm still such an infant that it is sometimes maddening, but isn't it beautiful learning new things? I never want to stop having firsts, experiencing new things and learning new processes and techniques.

As I've been editing, I have noticed a feeling of isolation creep in at times. That is the nature of the beast, but to combat this, I have been reaching out to friends and family to give me that little burst of love. As with anything in which I'm working diligently, I find there has to be balance.

I have HUGE goals for this year, but it is nothing without the love and support of my closest friends and family. I wouldn't be who I am without them - and I'm so freaking grateful. They're inspiring and amazing people! Now, go tell someone you love them! Give them a hug and let them know how much they mean to you.

ALSO - Damn! Editors are amazing and I have such respect for them. I can't wait to learn more as my filmmaking journey continues!

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