• Brandi Price

Die Mosquitos, Die

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Our country is one of the few majority monolingual places in the world and yet it is founded by people from all over the globe. I have overheard people saying, "They should learn to speak English." And what happens when those same people travel abroad? They expect others to speak English there as well.

Immigrants change their names and minimize their heritage to fit in in the US, but what Americans don't realize is that they already should. We are a country founded by the world. Perhaps your parents or grandparents ridiculed people for being different, but it doesn't mean you should carry on that same tradition of hate and ignorance.  

I see that change is happening and that brings a smile to my face, but there are still countless stories of people trying to water down their existence to fit in. To what, I ask? If we are all the same, what is art? How are we able to grow? I, for one, know I can't be on this planet both to damage and destroy her and the lives of my fellow humans. I see homogenization of our life as the murder of beautiful things. I, my friends, never desire to be guilty of killing anything - except maybe mosquitos. I kinda hate them. But people that don't speak the language of their parents because they're embarrassed, people changing their name because they don't want to be identified as a terrorist, people afraid of going to certain areas because of their sexual preference, the language they speak or the color of their skin? Those are things I would love to banish from the story of humankind.

The small changes that we're seeing now - people embracing native cultures, traditions and languages - is a freaking gorgeous thing and I want to see more of it! It unifies us as humans by allowing us to acquire the desire to learn and be worldlier versions of our selves of yesterday....but we have to make that choice. We have to be students of the world. We have to teach where eyes are closed and feed where souls are hungry.

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