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  • Brandi Price

Be Gone, Wench!

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

That’s what I’m saying to this confounded bug that has taken root in my pulmonary system! I’ve lost my voice numerous times throughout the week, my lungs burn and I have a general malaise BUT I’m pushing through as best I can. Working out has been rough because I just can’t seem to get enough air into my lungs. I catch myself, sometimes, going into pity mode - but then I think about the trees and the animals that are burning in Australia - and know that I’ve the strength to push through. Sadly, many of them don’t. It breaks my heart, but I feel like some apathetic bystander because I’m not doing anything about it. Monetarily, I’m not in a position to help currently. I just don’t know how I can make a difference. This frustrates me andI know I won’t always be a bystander, protected by my simple life, but what can I do right now? My best answer is to continue to make art and be kind to people until that impact spreads. Share a story of random acts of kindness witnessed below! I say that you’ve witnessed because I want to encourage us to be the stories that people share, not the ones promoting our own supposed goodness to the world.

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